Writing... and the city?

[RO]: Timp de doua zile am facut un maraton de Sex and the City, un maraton de povesti, relatii, prietenie si New York. Daca in primele sezoane eram oarecum ingrozita de tinute (90's-00's), sfarsitul serialului si cele doua filme vin cu haine si pantofi, outfituri dupa care plangi 3 zile.

Cred ca atunci cand urmarim un serial ne regasim (aproape toate?) in cate un  personaj. Dupa parerea prietenelor mele as fi probabil un mix dintre Charlotte si Carrie si ca stil, dar si ca personalitate. Dupa parerea mea, exista ceva din toate, dar ce-i drept,in cele doua ma regasesc cel mai mult.

 Imi place sa-mi pastrez lucrurile in ordine, sa fac liste peste liste, sa imi asortez mereu lenjeria si sa port aproape mereu cercei micuti (Charlotte). Pe de alta parte, in zona Carrie as spune de pasiunea pentru citit si scris si de mentaliate, relatii; accesorii in ceea ce priveste stilul.

Sunt sigura ca pasiunea pentru moda din Sex and the City e deja un cliseu, dar sunt sigura ca fiecare dintre voi a vazut macar un film sau un episod si daca nu v-a placut stilul lor, cu siguranta ati ras la replicile Samanthei, asa ca va pun urmatoarea intrebare, voi in ce personaj va regasiti? 

[EN]: For 2 days I spent my time watching  the Sex and the City series. If the first seasons were questionable regarding the outfits (they were ok for that time) the last ones and the movies are a real inspiration when you try to find a cool outfit for a party or something.

I believe that when we are watching a tv series such as Sex and the City, we find some characterics from the characters in us. My friends think that I am a lot like Charlotte and Carrie. I believe that I have a little bit of all of them, but yes, they're right I find myself more alike to them than Samatha or Miranda.

I am quite obsessed with keeping my things in order, making lists, matching my underwear, wear stud earrings (Charlotte). When it comes about Carrie I would say we have in common the passion for reading and writing, ideas, relationships and accessories (regarding style). 

Even though posts about Sex and the City are a cliche now because the rumours of the 3rd movie, I am sure that each one of you has seen at least one episode or one movie and if you didn't like the style, at least you laughed at Samatha's jokes, so I ask you: with which character are you more alike?

Jacket | Pimkie
Dress | New look
Hat | ebay

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